Tools & Tool Kits
The Brooktherm Vacuum Kit (BTK2V)

A complete range of quality refrigeration tools and tool kits to meet all your requirements. Brooktherm are Yellow Jacket approved Marine Wholesalers and we we supply the full range of Yellow Jacket Tools.

Refrigeration tools

A comprehensive range of specialist tools which include:
Gauge manifolds, charging hoses, vacuum pumps & gauges, flaring tools, pipe expanders, benders & cutters, hand held & fixed leak detectors, recovery units , weighing platforms, ratchet keys, thermometers, acid test kits, oil charging pumps, acid removal kits, fluorescent leak detection kits, electrical test equipment, nitrogen regulators & brazing sets

Refrigeration tool kits

A smart range of competitively priced, high quality tool kits to cover all of your requirements.

The Brooktherm Refrigeration Starter Tool kit (BTK1S)

Everything you need to carry out refrigeration service and repairs:

  • Accu probe electronic leak detector

  • Gauge manifold set with hoses

  • Eccentric cone flare tool 3/16” – ¾”

  • Large premium tube cutter ¼” – 15/8” & Mini tube cutter 1/8” – 7/8”

  • Compressor oil filling pump

  • Valve spindle ratchet key 3/16” – 3/8”

  • Set of cylinder adaptors

  • Refrigerant pressure – temperature comparator

  • Refrigeration training manual & fault finder

  • Robust tool box

Everything you need to effectively draw and measure a vacuum.

  • High capacity 2 stage vacuum pump

  • Vacuum hose & connection kit

  • Vacuum pump oil

  • Electronic vacuum gauge

  • Vacuum guidelines

  • Robust storage container

The Brooktherm Refrigerant Recovery Kit (BTK3R)

Everything you need to recover refrigerants and comply with current legislation.

  • XLT high capacity recovery unit with oil less compressor

  • Recovery hose & connection kit

  • Recovery cylinder

  • 100kg weighing platforms

  • Spare inlet filters

  • Refrigerant recovery guidelines

  • Robust storage container

No gimmicks just a range of competitively priced high quality tools & tool

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