As a family run business, our family culture syncs into our traditional business values; loyalty, honesty, integrity and reliability. 

We recognise that our workforce is our biggest asset and we take great pride in our people, who are loyal, committed and will often exceed both our own and our customers’ expectations. To ensure they feel happy, productive and empowered we invest our time, money and commitment into employee development. Long job tenure and a low employee turnover rate help us to stay on the right path and allows each individual to achieve at the highest possible level.

We also very are proud of the success of our apprenticeship scheme and we believe our apprentices are nurtured and trained by the best engineers in the business with over 75% of our apprentices being kept on and offered full time employment here at Brooktherm; most are still employed as engineers here to this day.

Our ambitions and morals drive us to be persistent in improving, developing and investing to keep ahead of the competition. We strive to forge strong partnerships and work with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome and provide ‘a quality solution’.